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About Jaipur Art Jewellery

Established in 2006, Jaipur Art Jewellery. ( a sister concern of M/s Govind Narayan & Sons Estd. 1988) is a leading manufacturer and exporters of silver jewellery studded in American Diamond(Cubic Zirconia), precious and semi precious stones from India. Our product range includes finest quality silver (precious & semi-precious) necklaces, pendants, ear rings, crosses, rings, anklets and sets. Ever since inception, we have always tried our best to promote the rich Indian culture by way of art and our fascinating products and artwork have enabled us to represent India in the International arena and also win accolades for our work.

We design and manufacture our products as per industry standards and the tastes and choices of our most demanding clients. Our firm has capacity to entertain bulk size orders. As a major player in domestic market, we have proved quality does not take time to get recognition.

Quality Assurance:
At Jaipur Art Jewellery, we are committed to achieve excellence in our products and services. Available in a wide array of fascinating designs, these jewel products are crafted and designed under the supervision of expert professionals. Made of pure 92.5 sterling silver and original precious and semi-precious gemstones, these products reflect dexterous craftsmanship and unique style.

As we deal in silver and American Diamond Jewellery, we make sure our products are made through real material. We are one of the suggested names in producing jewelery,antique items and utensils. We believe in intrinsic craftsmanship that is why we have an excellent team of designers who are very much versed with historic and cultural knowledge.

We are providing optimum customized solutions to our clients keeping in mind that our customers want the best designed products. Each and every product can be easily customized as specified by our clients. Every request and order is thoroughly welcomed by us.

About American Diamond Jewelry

No longer are diamonds the exclusive preserve of the super-rich. American diamond jewelry--with its inexpensive price tag and expensive looks-has made a flashy debut in the jewelry market.

The Love of Jewelry
Jewelry and women go together and when the jewelry is made from stones like diamonds then no woman will refuse a chance of wearing it. In today's fast paced world, however, real jewelry can be quite expensive. Yet, a woman can satisfy her desires to adorn herself with equally sparkling diamonds that do not necessarily have to be real. The success of cubic zirconia or American diamond as it is nicknamed because of its origin of development has made it very easy for the modern Indian woman to dazzle without getting unduly worried about the price or the risk factors.

The Origin
To replace the real diamond several alternatives have been tried, for example lead crystals, highly compressed graphite and carborundum. But the cubic zirconia produced initially in the former Soviet Union received the most approval. Later in the 70s, a US company perfected it by discarding as many impurities as possible to bring it closest to the original gem. In India, the raw material for its manufacture has to be imported since the process has not yet been perfected. The price of the cubic zirconia is only a few thousand rupees per kilo and that is what makes it so attractive vis--vis the real diamond.
Yet, the smaller the stone the higher the price while for a real diamond it is the other way round. The cubic zirconia after cutting and polishing is re-exported to the West. As with real diamonds, it is also based on the rough and if the rough is inferior then the end product will be of the same level. At times, the end result is so good that it is hard to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a real diamond.

The 4Cs, cut, color, clarity and carat, apply to cubic zirconia too. The carat is different since the specific gravity is higher as it is heavier. Besides, zirconia is not as hard as a real diamond and so cannot be used for industrial purposes. On the G scale, it measures approximately 6 while diamond is hardest measuring 10. As an item of investment, the zirconia has no resale value. It is purely for aesthetic purposes and only when set in jewelry can it be sold. There are delicate bracelets, dazzling necklaces and glittering sets that will catch the eye of many a fashion-conscious woman.
In fact, the cubic zirconia has been so indistinguishable from a real diamond that it has at times even confused jewelers. The only foolproof way to tell the difference is by the thermal conductivity method, which is used at international airports and customs sections. As far as the durability of this diamond is concerned, it is comparable to the real thing. The normal standard precautions applicable to a real diamond are followed. The zirconia is more brilliant than the real diamond and in addition to other colors has flashes of red and yellow. The stone does not blacken nor does it wear away.

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